Review and Recommendations

Review and Recommendations

Have you ever wanted a review of your tender response before you submit?

Get your tender response reviewed by a tendering expert of over 20 years before you send to the client.
Have recommendations sent directly to your email.

Let our expertise help you reach the negotiation table.
You respond to the tender, then at least 3 business days before its due… send the tender to Win Win Tendering.

So Here’s what You Get…

  • Review and Recommendations of 1 entire tender response

  • We put our client hat on and see if we can understand what you are saying – if we can’t understand then your client won’t be able to either

  • We provide written recommendations on how to make your response more likely to succeed

  • Recommendations emailed within 2 business days

Total Value: The difference between a win or a lose

The fine print
Each tender sent to us counts as one review and recommendation.
If you send the same tender again for a second review – this counts as 2 reviews.
After purchase, an email will be sent to you and will provide the email address to send the documents.
Documents required:
– The tender document as provided by the client
РYour response documents  Рeverything that you want reviewed

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